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About Me

After years of feeling unwell and not finding success through conventional medical practices, I found my way to Holistic Nutrition, where I found success in balancing my life and health. I am incredibly passionate about the positive impacts of nutrition not only on individuals, but also it’s positive impact on environmental sustainability and animal as well as social welfare.

After years of working in the health and wellness industry, I decided to take my passion of helping people through nutrition further and studied Holistic Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Mississauga, Canada. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I provide a very individual holistic approach to health care based on each client’s needs. My approach is effective, yet non-invasive and does not require dieting or the use of medication. I believe that optimal health can be achieved through lifestyle modifications that make lifelong impacts on health, wellness, and happiness.

Women’s hormones are a special topic to me, as my understanding of them has helped me to address my health issues in a way I know wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t address my hormonal imbalances. Through my knowledge of this I have been able to almost completely cure my acne (which I suffered from for at least 10 years), lose weight, eliminate headaches, reduce stress, improve my adrenal and thyroid function, and more. With this website I hope I can help you do the same.

Kathy Chrzaszcz R.H.N