Vegan Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This recipe is in collaboration with the beautiful Gillian from Gillian Elizabeth Wellness! Gillian is a yoga teacher/foodie/blogger/total sweetie and I had the pleasure of cooking with her on the Awakened Woman’s Retreat earlier this year! Please go check out her blog. She has some amazing recipes and posts, and I love how she focuses on intuitive eating.

Gillian and I collaborated to bring you two delicious vegan recipes. She used my Avocado Pesto and made a delicious detox salad.

Detox Pesto Salad | GF + V - Gillian Elizabeth - #recipe #vegan #greens #spring #detox

And I combined my avocado pesto with her amazing recipe for spreadable cashew cheese to bring you this delicious Vegan Pesto Grilled Cheese! The original recipe for this cheese has jalapenos, so we decided to leave those out of this grilled cheese recipe.

Spreadable Jalapeño Cashew Cheese - Gillian Elizabeth - #vegan #plantbased #easyrecipe

The combination of the pesto with this cheese is SO GOOD. Pesto already has a slightly cheesy flavour, and pairing it with more cheese is just genius. Both the pesto and cheese are really quick and easy to whip up. For the pesto, just pulse everything in the food processor, and for the cheese, just blend in a blender! Then spread both of these delicious spreads onto your favourite bread and grill it in a pan. When you’re finished you’ll have plenty of leftover pesto and cheese for future sandwiches or other recipes!

Vegan Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A DELICIOUS vegan pesto grilled cheese sandwich that is super quick and easy to make! 

  • 2 slices of your favourite healthy bread
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • vegan pesto
  • vegan cheese spread
  1. Begin by making the vegan pesto and the vegan cheese spread (omit the jalapenos for the cheese spread). Taste each spread and adjust as needed. I found that since the cheese didn’t have the jalapenos I added just a little bit more nutritional yeast and lemon juice for added flavour. 

  2. Spread 1 1/2 tsp of coconut oil onto 1 side of each slice of bread. You could use vegan butter instead if you prefer. 

  3. Flip 1 slice of bread over and spread the desired amount of cheese on the dry side of the bread. On top of the cheese, spread on the desired amount of pesto. Place the second slice of bread on top making sure the coconut oil is on the outside. 

  4. Heat a small non-stick pan on medium heat. Place the sandwich on the pan and cook on 1 side for around 1-2 minutes, or until golden brown.

  5. Flip the grilled cheese very carefully and cook on the other side for around 1-2 minutes. Remove from the pan, slice, serve, and enjoy!

  6. Store the leftover pesto and cheese in air tight containers in the fridge. The avocado pesto will only last for a couple of days in the fridge. You can use it for salads, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches, and so much more! 

vegan pesto

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