Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (GF, Vegan)

These double chocolate chip cookies are soft and crispy, and completely flourless thanks to the magic ingredient aquafaba. Aquafaba is the water from a can of chickpeas, or the liquid from cooking raw chickpeas. This recipe has 8 simple ingredients and only takes 20 minutes to make. A super simple, quick, and healthier dessert that’ll please all!

Makes: 22 large cookies


  • 2/3 cup cacao powder
  • 1 cup coconut sugar
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • pinch of himalayan salt
  • 1 cup all natural unsalted almond butter
  • 1/2 cup aquafaba (chickpea water)
  •  1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup vegan mini chocolate chips (if you use large chocolate chips you’ll want about 3/4 cup or more)



  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together the cacao, coconut sugar, baking soda, and salt. I recommend sifting all of these ingredients beforehand as coconut sugar often has many large clumps. Set aside.
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk together almond butter, aquafaba, and vanilla until combined.
  4. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and fully combine until the mixture is a nice doughy texture. Stir in the chocolate chips.
  5. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper. Scoop the dough into balls (about 2 tbsp per ball) and place on baking sheet a few inches apart from each other. This mixture will spread very nicely so only allow up to 12 cookies per baking sheet and spread them apart nicely.
  6. Bake for 10-11 minutes. In the oven the cookies will rise well, but once removed they will fall into nice thin and crispy, yet soft cookies. Remove from the oven and allow to cool on the baking tray for 10 minutes. Delicately transfer to a wire rack to for further cooling. Once cooled, serve and enjoy!


This recipe was adapted from Best Gluten Free Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookies from I removed some of the sugar and reduced the amount of chocolate chips and vanilla extract as well. Thank you so much for the inspiration, your cookies are fabulous!


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  1. Chris says:

    These are good

  2. Lisa says:

    With all due respect, how is a full cup of sugar healthy. I appreciate your alternative tact of using aquafaba, but a full cup of sugar! Would appreciate baked goods recipes using alternatives…applesauce, fruit juice concentrates, bananas. Please don’t use the “healthy” descriptor. Just because they are vegan or gf does not mean they are healthy. These cookies are not healthy, they are an indulgence or a “sweet.”

    1. Hey there Lisa!

      Appreciate the feedback.

      This particular recipe is a double batch and makes 22 very large cookies so the amount of sugar per cookie really isn’t as much as it seems. I’ve changed the description to “healthier”. Using a liquid sweetener in this particular recipe wouldn’t work at all, since there is no flour in the recipe, the batter would be pure liquid. It would be great if i could use something like mashed bananas but unfortunately the consistency of the cookie wouldn’t work. baking is science after all! 🙂 I’m happy to provide flourless recipes to cater to the many many people who cannot consume gluten, and to the people who just want a super simple and fast recipe. Organic Coconut sugar is one of the less refined sugars and lower on the glycemic index aswell 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks for your reply. I’m going to bake and try…looking forward to a chocolatey treat!

    1. Yay I hope you enjoy! 😄

  4. Jennifer says:

    Will it still work is i leave the chick pea water out?

    1. Unfortunately it won’t! Do you have an allergy? The chickpea water is necessary for everything to bind. Since there is no flour, if you leave it out the recipe will have no substance!

      1. Soha says:

        I’ve tried it with “flax egg” and it works really well, 2Tb ground flax seed and 5 Tb water, let sit for 5 mins

      2. I’m so glad, thanks for letting me know!

    2. Fatimah Taliah Muhammad says:

      Yes you can. You do not have to use chickpea water. You can use regular water like I have. It was really good and no bean taste in your cookies.

      1. Kathy Chrzaszcz RHN says:

        interesting I’ve never tried it!

  5. Brianna says:

    Do you know how many calories these would be per cookie?

    1. Hey there Briana! Unfortunately I didn’t calculate the calories. I personally am not a calorie counter at all because I just focus on putting clean Ingredients in my body. The best thing to do is put all the ingredients into the website cronomoter and it’ll quickly calculate! You can divide the number by 22 cuz it makes about 22 cookies. Remember it’s about the types of foods you eat no the calories! 🙂

  6. Jules B. says:

    Do u have to store these on the fridge? How many days do they last?

    1. Hey there Jules! You don’t have to store them in the fridge, you can store them in a sealed contained on your counter, however I actually prefer the taste of them from the fridge! 🙂 I’m not sure exactly how long they last because my family eats them all in 2 days or less hahaha. I would say probably a week max! You can always cut this recipe in half if you don’t want to make too many.

  7. Elise says:

    I’m not vegan so If I take flour to replace chickpea It will be as good or not? Because unfortunately I don’t like the taste of chickpea :’).

    And thanks for the recipe, I try to found one who really looked like subway cookies, and I saw a video who confirm that.

    Have a nice day from France!

    1. Hey there Elise! Unfortunately using flour won’t work as a replacement because the chickpea water is a replacement for eggs. So the flour won’t work the magic that the aquafaba does. I personally cook my own chickpeas so the water doesn’t really taste like chickpea at all and my cookies definitely don’t either. I’ve heard they can taste like it if you use it from a can. Do you like other beans? Because you can also use the water from a can of black beans or white beans! If you try it, I’d love to know how you like it! 🙂

  8. Ely says:

    Hey Kathy! I was so excited to see this recipe, making tye cookies right now but ran into a couple weird issues. I went over the ingredient list several times and didn’t miss anything, however, my batter was too thick to even mix so I added more chickpea water. There’s 3 minutes left in the oven and they have not spread put much at all, so surprising!! I used everything listed. Is it baking soda or powder? Someone had said powder, but the recipe says soda. Just want to make sure. I wonder what happened here, they’re still like 2-bite sized cookies :/ Hmmm.

    1. Hey there Ely! It is most definitely baking soda! I haven’t tried baking powder but baking soda is what makes it grow so much. this must be the reason, cuz they should literally triple the size! Also the batter is fairly thick, you’re right adding a bit more chickpea liquid can help if needed, but i just mix the batter with my hands and it all comes together 🙂 im so sorry this happened to you, I really hope you get to try again and love them as much as I do!

      1. Ely says:

        Kathy, thanks so much for your reply. They are delicious!!! But small, and didn’t really spread much. I did use baking soda, that’s why I find it strange. Do you think placing them on a silicone mat instead of a baking sheet had something to do with it? I got 15 cookies out of mine, but still so worth it. They are amazing! 🙂

      2. Interesting! I’m really unsure because I’ve never used a silicone mat before, I always use parchment. So strange!! And the chickpea water was from a can or your own cooking? I really hope the next time you make them they spread nicely!! It’s just such an easy recipe and I’m trying to think where there may have been error but it’s hard to think of why 😂 did you use all natural nut butter or did it have additional ingredients?

      3. Ely says:

        Yup, I used the chickpea water from a can. I actually watched a video of someone demonstrating your recipe and they came out perfect, they were huge and flat. I basically followed it through but their batter looked much more moist somehow. I used an all natural nut butter, it had peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds. Maybe that had something to do with it. Next time I’ll use peanut butter only and perhaps use parchment. Thanks so much for sharing this, it’s the best tasting (and best consistency) flourless cookie I’ve ever made!

      4. Ya Maddie’s video. She didn’t have enough almond butter so it was a bit more wet than what it should normally come out as (but they still turn out great). That must be it! Try just almond or peanut butter next time, I’m sure it will work! In the mean time enjoy these 🙂

      5. Ely says:

        Will do, for sure! 🙂 Thank you again!!

      6. Ely says:

        Hey Kathy, I just wanted to come back and say I made the cookies twice more and found out that it was actually the baking soda that was the problem! Mine was a few months expired, and it made all the difference. So just in case someone else writes you with the same issue.. you can mention that. They are huge and delicious! Thanks again for this amazing recipe!! <3

      7. Oh wow that makes sense! I’m so happy you enjoyed, and thanks for letting me know too 😃💙🍪

  9. Elena says:

    I’m allergic to almonds and peanuts. Something else I can replace the almond/peanut butter with? 🙂

    1. I havent tried any other nut butters so I can’t say for sure but you could try something like cashew butter if you’re not allergic!

  10. threebrits says:

    Bet this was incredible! It looks so delicious.

  11. Anne says:

    Can I use normal sugar instead of coconut sugar? And can I use vegan margarine instead of almond butter?

  12. Hey there! I haven’t tried it but I’m pretty sure you can use regular cane sugar. The vegan margarine wouldn’t work though because the almond butter pretty much makes up the base of the whole cookie and is the substitute for flour. You would just have a very runny cookie batter. Hope this helps!

  13. Looks great! I’ll definately try it

    1. Awesome, enjoy! 🙂

  14. Elizabeth Brooks says:

    Bet these are double good

  15. Liz says:

    Can I use cocoa powder instead of cacao powder?

    1. Absoloutely! It makes no difference in the recipe, I just like cacao for its health benefits, but use whatever you like! 🙂

  16. Liz says:

    What brand of chocolate chips are vegan? I can’t ever find ones that don’t have milk in it.

    1. I guess it just depends where you live, but I really love the Enjoy Life brand, and also Camino. I hope you can find some! 🙂 You can also get a bar of vegan chocolate and chop it into chunks 🙂

  17. Sarah says:

    This is so weird, I followed the recipe to a tee and yet there only seems to be enough batter for about 8 small cookies, haha. Was looking forward to sharing 22 between us! Sad times :'(

    1. Hey there Sarah! Did you make sure to use baking soda not baking powder? And did you use almond butter or another nut butter? I’ve tried other nut butters and other sugars and this recipe only turned out while the others didn’t.

  18. Double thumbs up for double chocolate. Great recipe!! 😊

    1. thanks! 🙂

  19. sophia says:

    Just made these. They came out yummy! Can you freeze these cookies?

    1. Hey there, yes you most certainly can! Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  20. Carol says:

    Hi Kathy! I really liked the recipe! I just have one question, the almond butter can be substituted for something else? Not peanut butter, but maybe vegan butter with something? I live in Japan, and here almond butter is very hard to find and expensive.

    1. Hello Carol!

      I’m not totally certain. There is something about the almond butter that just makes it the absolute perfect cookie. Even when replacing with peanut butter or another nut butters, the texture just doesn’t turn out right. I’m sorry I wish I knew! Perhaps giving vegan butter a shot could work! I just haven’t personally tried it. If you have a powerful blender, and if almonds are a better price than almond butter, then you can try making your own almond butter in the blender! Hope that helps! <3

  21. jstrip says:

    Hei Kathi, do you think it might work with nut powder (selfmade in the mixer) and sirup (instead of sugar) ?
    I only have sirup as sugar home now and it’s Sunday. And also no nut butter. But I have nuts (and tahini) .
    You think it might work?
    Thanks for the lovely recepie!

    1. Hi there! I’m not sure if this would work because I haven’t tried it but it is worth a shot! If you do so and it works out, I’d love to know! Also, so sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation. Thanks for reaching out! 🙂

      1. Johanna says:

        Hei Kathy, I didnt have enough cacao in the end either, so I had to wait ahh.
        But then I made them and I replaced almond butter with tahini and self processed sunflower seed cream/powder. for sweetening. I used half rice sirup and half white sugar to add some moisture. They did not spread a lot, so I spread them with a sponn before they went into the oven. they were very gewy/ moist. And delicious 🙂
        I d say it s good way to go without almond butter as that was over my budjet.
        Thanks for your reply!

      2. Awesome I’m glad it worked out!

  22. Pierre Sco says:

    Instead of coconut sugar can I use pure sugar cane?

    1. I haven’t tried it but I think it will work just fine! 🙂

  23. Pierre Sco says:

    Cane sugar*

  24. Lauren Beck says:

    I am allergic to nuts what about be a sub for the nut butter? Can I use coconut oil instead?

    1. You are welcome to try but I haven’t done it before and I believe it will be too liquidy! The almond butter is pretty much the bulk of the cookie dough. I would say you would probably need coconut oil and also flour.

  25. emily says:

    hi Kathy!
    I came from Maddie’s video. I’ve always been bad at baking, even the easiest oat cookies. But I tried this out today and it was such a success! However, I made only half of the recipe (without vanilla and chocolate chips), and it turned out 6 3-inch cookies. Was it because I didn’t put in chocolate chips? Or was the amount quiet normal?
    It still tasted amazing anyway, thanks for the great recipe!

    1. I’m so happy you tried this out and loved it! 🙂 When I make this recipe it makes about 22 large cookies, so that’s quite strange! I’m sure that the lack of chocolate chips would affect your yield, but I’m really surprised it only made 6 cookies. I find that when I use aquafaba from a can vs when I make it home made, the cookies expand a bit better. Also, make sure to scoop out small balls onto your baking sheet, because they will expand significantly. The only other thing I can think of,if they didn’t expand well, perhaps your baking soda is old and not quite doing its job. All possibilities, I hope this helps! 🙂

  26. emily says:

    Did you mean aquafaba from a can works better? (I’m not so good at English haha) I made the aquafaba myself because there’s no canned chickpeas in my country. Oh, I forgot that I have accidentally put in 1 tsp of baking soda, which should be 1/2. It might be the problem! I’ll try it again and keep you update. Thank you again!

    1. emily says:

      Also, I can’t find almond butter in my country either, so I made it myself. But my blender didn’t work really well with pure baked almonds, so I added a little water in it, which might also affected the result. I bought a mini food processor today. Hope it’ll work better next time I tried this recipe!

      1. Yes this might have been an issue too! Make sure the almond butter is nice and smooth if you can 🙂

  27. Sara says:

    The cookies look sooooo amazing, i’m really looking forward to trying them!
    But I have some questions.. where I live, the almond butter isn’t very popular, so basically I can’t afford it.. is there any sostitute to it? And, I am not vegan so what if I replaced the Aquafaba with egg? Is it ok? If so, how many eggs?
    Thank you ❤️❤️

    1. Hello Sara! I totally understand that in certain places almond butter can be very expensive or hard to find. I have made these cookies with peanut butter and they turn out delicious, however the texture is completely different. They are more dense, but they’re still delicious! I have not personally tried this recipe with eggs, although I’m sure it will work. I just don’t know exactly how many, but I want to say you would need at least 2. I hope this helps!

  28. Joti says:

    These look divine but can you use honey in place of the coconut sugar?

    1. Hi there, I’m so sorry for the late reply, I was on Holiday, thanks for your patience! I wouldn’t recommend using honey as I think the dough will be too liquidy. If you don’t want to use coconut sugar, I recommend switching for another dry sugar such as Cane Sugar. I hope this help! If you do try it with honey, let me know how it goes!

  29. Sara says:

    Hello! Would this be possible if I swapped chickpea water with white bean water? 🙂

  30. skellytan says:

    Hello! Would this be possible if I swapped the chickpea water with white bean water? 🙂

    1. Hello! I haven’t personally tried this, but I have heard that you can use other bean waters! Many people use black bean water instead of chickpea, but I believe people like chickpea better because the colour is a lot lighter and won’t affect the colour of your desserts. If you try it out, I’d love to know how it goes! 🙂

  31. Eli says:

    Hey Kathy! If I’m to replace the aquafaba with raw eggs, how many do I need? I suppose at least two, but your guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks

    1. Kathy Chrzaszcz RHN says:

      Hi there so sorry for the late reply! I can’t say for sure since I haven’t tried it. I would say you’re probably right but best to experiment since i’m not certain! My apologies.

  32. Ciara Jones says:

    Hi there!! So yummy I made them last night for my husband!! How many calories are in them?

    1. Kathy Chrzaszcz RHN says:

      Hey there I’m so happy you enjoyed! I’m not sure how many calories but there is a great website called Cronometer where you can input the ingredients and it will tell you! I personally am not a calorie counter because I know that if I’m eating good ingredients then I am eating a good meal. Hope that helps!

  33. Dominique says:

    Can I substitute almond butter with peanut butter? What will be the difference if I do so? Planninh to make this real soon it looks so delish! 😍

    1. Kathy Chrzaszcz RHN says:

      You can, it just yields a very different texture. It’s much firmer, but still delicious!

  34. Zoë says:

    These were phenomenal! Thank you so much for the recipe.

    1. Kathy Chrzaszcz RHN says:

      My pleasure, I’m glad you enjoyed!

  35. Grace Willis says:

    Just made these are they are AWESOME, used organic canned chickpeas for the chickpea water and there was no “chickpea taste.” The dough is awesome too 😉

    1. Kathy Chrzaszcz RHN says:

      Awesome I’m so thrilled!!! Definitely one of my favourites!! <3

  36. Carol says:

    I tried it and it was the best! No chickpea taste even with canned chick peas aquafaba! My children also loved them. Also tried another batch with all natural peanut butter and cane sugar but the texture was different – more dry and didn’t spread out as much, still tasted great but your recipe is definitely the winner. Will be my go to for chocolate cookie treat. A little sugar occasionally as a treat is not unhealthy and coconut sugar is a healthier alternative to regular sugar which I love in this recipe. I think it gives it additional flavor and chewiness. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kathy Chrzaszcz RHN says:

      I’m so so happy you enjoyed these so much! Thank you for commenting and letting me know, much love!

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