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Evening Primrose: The Cure All For Hormonal Problems?

Evening Primrose: The Cure All For Hormonal Problems?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a 1 size fits all solution to hormonal issues and imbalances?  There are so many different ways to address hormonal imbalances in women, and so many possible supplements to take. It can certainly be overwhelming, especially from a cost perspective. In the alternative medicine and holistic health field, a band-aid solution is never the fix. It takes time, effort, and dedication to turning your health around. However, sometimes there are some tricks to help speed up your healing journey, and Evening Primrose Oil may be just that.


What Does Evening Primrose Do?

Evening Primrose Oil is a fantastic herbal supplement that can address many different female issues. It’s known for being one of the most effective ways to raise progesterone levels in women. One of the most common hormonal imbalances that most women suffer from is an excess in estrogen levels, and a deficiency in progesterone. These too hormones can be best friends, and also worst enemies. They rely heavily on each other to stay in balance, and when one get’s out of line, the other one falters. When estrogen levels become too high in the body, progesterone levels immediately plummet and vice versa (however, it’s far more common for estrogen to be the hormone that is in excess). Progesterone is also a precursor hormone, meaning the body uses it to make other steroid hormones. A body that is lacking in this essentially hormone will surely be affected in several ways.

PMS, Cramps, and Cysts, oh my….

So how can Primrose help? Evening Primrose can be beneficial for a huge variety of some of the most debilitating female hormonal issues. It can help to relieve symptoms of cramps, pms, fibrocystic breasts, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and more. Primrose doesn’t just raise progesterone levels, it also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It contains an essential fatty acid called GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). About 7-10% of Evening Primrose’s fatty acids are composed of GLA. When GLA is processed in the body, it converts to anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. It then interferes with the body’s pro-inflammatory prostaglandins (this inflammation is responsible for the muscle contractions that create period cramps). It also minimizes breast tenderness and can reduce the size of, or completely eliminate ovarian and breast cysts (by reducing estrogen levels in the body). Furthermore, it helps to control endometrial inflammation.

Progesterone: The Sexy Hormone

Progesterone can be described as the sexy hormone. It promotes clear and beautiful skin, soft healthy hair, prevents unwanted fat in the abdominal area, and improves mood. If you’re experiencing dry skin, acne, low mood, stress, excess abdominal fat, cramping, and more, you’re likely lacking in this essential hormone.

Furthermore, progesterone is essential for ovulation and fertility. If a woman does not have adequate progesterone levels, she may have anovulatory cycles, difficulty conceiving, or full on infertility. Progesterone is essential for carrying a baby to full term. For women experiencing fertility issues, it is a good idea to test for levels of progesterone, and other hormonal imbalances. For those who don’t have fertility issues, progesterone levels during pregnancy increase 100-fold, and woman usually feel hormonally fabulous during their pregnancies.

Why Is My Progesterone So Low?

There are many possible factors that can create low progesterone levels, and they can usually all be traced back to dietary and lifestyle factors that raise estrogen in the body. It is crucial to reduce your exposure to xenoestrogens as much as possible, as these can raise our estrogen levels without us evening knowing. The Birth Control Pill is a common medication that can make progesterone levels absolutely plummet. That being a very controversial topic, many find the Pill unavoidable. For alternatives to the birth control pill, look into the Fertility Awareness Method. And to detox from all that pesky excess estrogen, consume phytoestrogenic foods and eat a clean, healthy diet.

Vegetarians And Vegans Beware

I have found it almost impossible to find Evening Primrose Oil in a vegetarian capsule. All and every brand that I have found formulates their product with a gelatin capsule (which is not a vegetarian source). If you are unable to find a vegetarian capsule, the alternative option would be to find a liquid Evening Primrose Oil that is 100% pure and only contains primrose. Ensure that the product is intended for internal use, not just topical. The NOW brand Primrose is a pure product suitable for internal consumption, and is also a very inexpensive option. A dose of 3000mg per day is a therapeutic dose intended for addressing the above issues. For the liquid form, that is just about 1 tsp per day.

Evening Primrose Oil may just be the fix you need to raise your progesterone levels so that you too can feel hormonally fabulous!



7 thoughts on “Evening Primrose: The Cure All For Hormonal Problems?”

  • I am a 63 yr old women that under went a complete hysterectomy 7 yrs ago due to stage 1 uterine cancer. I have been cancer free since this operation but have been taking a vaginal suppository for vaginal health and I assume hormone help as I have no ovaries either. I feel low a food deal of the time and intercourse has become a little less interesting to me as I often contract utis after sex. The only health condition I have is glaucoma in both eyes so I take daily drops for this condition. Would evening primrose help me out with my mood, my lack of desire, help me cut back on utis? And is it comparadible with my glaucoma medications/ condition?

  • ”And to detox from all that pesky excess estrogen, consume phytoestrogenic foods and eat a clean, healthy diet.”

    This is a little confusing. You say consume phytoestrogens in order to reduce excess estrogen? Can you explain how that works?

    • Yes so glad you asked! There are many kinds of estrogen. To sum it up there are “good ones” and “bad ones”. We have tons of estrogen receptors in our bodies. If we consume unhealthy foods and are exposed to xenoestrogens (bad sources of estrogen such as plastics, pesticides, animal products, etc….) then bad estrogens will take the place in our estrogen receptors. Phytoestrogens do the opposite. Phytoestrogens provide your body with the good kind of estrogen, and when you consume them, you allow the good estrogens to take place in the estrogen receptors instead of the bad. We all need estrogen to some extent. Both women and men! Adequate amount of the good kind of estrogen helps to prevent osteo issues. So phytoesterogenic foods are so healthy for you! I hope this helps, please let me know if you have anymore questions! 🙂

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